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forbes talks with david chang about momofuku, the lab, embracing failure, and looking forward.

"cacio e pepe." chickpea hozon cheese. black pepper rye bonji. with @bklynhousechef

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chickpea gochu hozon. roasted vegetables. egg.

black bean molé hozon brownie. koji ice cream. bonji caramel popcorn.

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sweet and salty bonji-caramel popcorn.

smoked bonji-marinated baby back pork ribs. black bean molé hozon glaze.

from @joshuaj88 : chocolate. hozon. mint. no dye. #momofukuko

pickle plate. assorted market vegetables pickled in fermented bonji solids. with chickpea hozon hummus, lentil hozon eggplant, and pistachio hozon butter. with @brooklynbrewery.